Valentines Postcard Plaque


Postcard Information:

Please, provide the following information according to the artwork example. * Please enter NA for any section you do not want engraved.

  • #1 Senders Name: The name or nickname of the person sending the postcard. Max 25 Characters. i.e. Samantha, Dylan, Emma, xoxo Bob, etc.
  • #2 Recipients Name: Max 25 Characters. The “to” person you would like on the postcard. i.e. Michael, Josh, Barbara, Laura, etc.
  • #3 Address Line1: Max 20 Characters. First address for the “to” person. i.e. 4 Memory Lane, 4 Your Birthday, 1 Missing You, etc.
  • #4 Address Line2: Max 20 Characters. Second address for the “to” person. i.e. Romance America, Party City, Romance Forever, Romance, MN 55555, etc.


Valentines postcard plaque


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